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If you have never had to do this before, please do not stress as we will help

If you have never experienced the death of a family member or friend then, initially, it can be daunting and somewhat confusing. Even though it will quite likely be an emotional time, try to remain calm. Firstly, if you are on your own perhaps you might call another family member for support and assistance.

Oceanview Funeral Services are available 24hours a day, seven days a week.

Taking care of your loved one is our priority regardless of the time of day or night.

If your loved one has passed away at home, in the case of an expected death from illness, you must still call their doctor immediately, if they are not already in attendance. They may then direct you to call the ambulance service or Home Nursing Service to attend if they are unable to attend themselves. If the death is sudden or unexpected, sometimes the police may be called. If this is the case, they will liaise with the health care professionals, discuss matters briefly with you and then, most likely, depart. Once the police have gathered their information and the Coroner is not to be notified, you may then be free to call us to transfer your loved one to our premises.

Do I have to do all this in a certain timeframe?

Considerations that may require additional time:

  • Relatives needing to travel from interstate or overseas
  • Preparation of the eulogy or words of remembrance
  • Preparing 'Order of Service' booklets for the church or Chapel service
  • Preparing PowerPoint/slideshow presentations (very easy to take longer than expected)
  • Deciding which family members would like to or are able to do readings
  • Allowing time for family to attend a final viewing

To put it simply, families usually prefer a funeral be over as soon as possible. We appreciate that but we are also aware that acting too hastily can cause people to overlook things that might be found later to have been of great importance. It also allows time for people to travel if need be, and they will need time to make arrangements at their end prior to the farewell.

When deciding on the day, time and location for the service, be sure you allow yourself enough time to consider and carry out all your preferred options.

What we do
If you have never had to do this before, please do not stress as we will help.
How much?
Regardless of how loved your family member was, you still need to be mindful of your budget.
Choosing burial or cremation is a common concern… however it’s entirely up to you.
We encourage you to examine this added information which may be required when making arrangements.
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47 Hugh Ryan Drive Townsville Q 4814
Phone: (07) 4755 0296
Email: enquiry@oceanviewfuneralservices.com.au

We have easy parking out the front as well as the side of our building where it's a little more private.

For emergencies: Our phone is manned 24 hours 7 days a week.

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Consider this alternative provision...
No service cremation package from $2332.00*

Ideal for when you want something very simple. This package is a cremation only with no mourners, no ceremony, no fuss...

This service offers: unattended direct cremation, professional fees, mortuary care, entry level coffin, cremation fee (in Townsville), doctor's cremation permit, all necessary paperwork, entry level urn, certified copy of death certificate, a transfer during normal working hours and GST.

You can upgrade (optional extra) to a Memorial Service, the urn and the coffin.

*Not included:

After hours transfer from the place of death, viewings or quiet times.


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